Is Roblox down and when will it be back?

September 23, 2022

Pro Game Guides is unable to access Roblox as well as connect to the game. We’ll be keeping the watch on Roblox to ensure that we will notify you when we’re back on the internet. At the moment you visit Roblox’s website, you will see a “The service is not available” message.

As per the official Roblox Website for Status, Roblox has identified the problem and is currently investigating the issue.

Pro Game Guides has been connected to Roblox and joined lobbies along where other users are. It appears that the Roblox Twitter account hasn’t changed, but it appears that there are some players who can connect and play without any problems.

Roblox was again down on May 4th, 2022 and they announced on their official website, Roblox Status that the downtime was caused by a disruption to service. They’ve posted that they have a problem on the Roblox Twitter account and have engineers working on fixing the issue as quickly as they can.

There was no timeframe on when the outage would be fixed. The service has been unavailable for around four hours.

We will keep watch on the current situation and regularly update this blog post.

Update Nov. 1

As of October. 31 at 18,45 CT, Roblox is operational and all services are up and running!

Update Oct. 29 07:12 CT

Based on Roblox’s Roblox Status Twitter account Roblox status Twitter account, the website is currently offline to maintenance. They also say they will let users know when they will be restored. There was no specific timeframe or estimate of how much time the maintenance would take specified.

Update Oct. 29, 11:07 CT

The engineers are currently working to develop a recovery method that will allow some users to be granted restricted access. Even ifOct. 29th access is granted, there’s not much you’ll be able to do until you’re able to operate one more time, but it’s getting better and hopefully, it won’t take long.

Update Oct. 29, 09:35 CT

Roblox does have some functions for services However since the issue isn’t yet being resolved the service may not function as planned.

  • Authentication
  • Games Page
  • Groups
  • Thumbnails and Images

Hit game Roblox has been down for many hours now as of 6 pm, CT on OctOct. 28ll Roblox services have been affected, and over 3 million users can’t log in. This includes everything from playing on the website, mobile, and Xbox.

The Roblox Official Roblox status website has classified the interruption as a disruption to service. All engineers are looking into the cause to bring the popular game back up and running.

As of 8.30 at 8:00 pm CT, Roblox has identified the issue as a system-wide issue and has all hands trying to solve the problem. Roblox is expected to be back online shortly If everything goes as planned when it comes to fixing the issue, however, they haven’t provided a date that will allow it to be fully restored.

Certain titles might be available again however, the majority aren’t. It is possible to log in or join a server, however, no other action will occur since the servers are all down and you’ll be waiting for server updates for a long duration.

This isn’t the only time Roblox has gone lower this year. As the month of July went down by three times during the month.


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