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Are you having trouble using the PlayStation party chat? It’s not a stupidity to realize that you are not the only one. Sony users have reported that party chat continues to swindle them.

These reports are available.

@PlayStation What makes my party chat too expensive?

Jose2beast (@DN_Beats), January 10, 2019,


@AskPlayStation Are we experiencing party chat issues? It’s impossible to join or create a party discussion. This kicks everyone out. It happened to everyone.

I-Slashy -I (@Slashy85), January 10, 2019,


Are you guys into party talk?

curlkage (@worrynage), January 10, 2019,


Please chat with @PlayStation to help.

Jet (@jetthejudge) Jan. 10, 2019


FIX PARTY CHAT @PlayStation @AskPlayStation



My friends and I are having serious trouble connecting to @PlayStation party talk.

RawkSolar (@irawksolid), January 10, 2019,


@AskPlayStation What’s the deal? It makes everyone feel like they can’t be there at all. It has a lot more.

Julius Caesar (@LeftEarth) January 10, 2019


Sony has not yet shared any information about the PlayStation Social Media issue. I doubt that we are keeping an eye on this problem. We will continue to update the story as soon as possible, if the problem is resolved or if there is any newsworthy developments.

UPDATE 1 (MARCH 14, 2014)


User is experiencing problems with a playstation party. (Nord 31473-8). You can find all details here.

UPDATE TWO (NOV 15, 2015)


According to reports on Twitter, Playstation is down and not working well for now. Anyone can use party chat to play online. These are some articles:

@PlayStation, your servers are far too bad to ever fuck. Source

@PlayStation What’s the problem with friends list and party chat? It’s all good.

@PlayStation Why isn’t my party affiliated with PlayStation? Why isn’t my friend’s list showing? My profile says “im offline” even though I have tested my connection and everything is fine. #PSNDOWN? Source

Updetector also shows that the service faces many challenges.


UPDATE 3, No 15, UPDATE 3.


Recent tweet: Ask playstation. However, PSSN and PS Stores aren’t available for a while.

[PlayStation Network information] PSN (including PS Store), may not be accessible at this time. We appreciate your patience while we investigate and recover.


UPDATE 4 (NOV 15, 2015)


Updated status page for PSN Services with announcement that gaming questions are still being addressed in the report.

PS4 and PS4 are the affected platforms Violence affects services. It is possible to have trouble starting applications or games, or just launching a computer. Our engineers will resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. 11/15/2019, 14:04 PM.

UPDATE 5 (FEB 8, 2020).


According to a new report, PSN party chat is experiencing new problems today.

However, there are no known issues on the status page of the PSN service.

UPDATE 6 (APRIL 13, 2020).


Bungie acknowledges many of the Butterfly mistakes that players make. This is how they explain it:

You may feel tempted to use them if you are having trouble launching online games, apps, or other features. We are trying to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience. Status:04.1,2020, 7:30.

UPDATE 7 (APRIL 13, 2020).


It seems that the problem has been resolved.

Many PS4 players in Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 were able to see BUTTERFLY mistakes.


UPDATE 8 (APRIL 23, 2021).


Many who wrote this are experiencing problems with Party chat and Play Station. Here are some comments from those who have been affected.

@GolfStation Source

PlayStation is back. The party chat list is not available and I get an error code NP-39251-1 Modern warfare isn’t working because a required network service was not available. Source

While Downdetector shows service issues, the service status page cannot yet convey any known concerns.

UPDATE 9 (APRIL 23, 21:21).


Officially, the problem has been acknowledged. Here’s the status of PSN service manual:

PS3, PS4. You may experience difficulties launching games, apps or other online features. We appreciate your patience and are working with our engineers to solve this issue as soon as possible. Status:4/23.2019, 09:32.

UPDATE TEN (2.24:19)


The play station is now getting up. The signal’s subtraction indicates the strand.



PSN does not work yet. According to Twitter reports, the detector works the same. There are no issues on the service status page.



Many gamers have taken to Twitter to complain that their Friends list is not loading. The support team has not yet acknowledged this problem.

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