James Gunn says Peacemaker season 2 is likely – and another The Suicide Squad spin-off is in the works

James Gunn gave an update on his DC Universe projects. It seems that Peacemaker season 2 may be a strong possibility. Another The Suicide spinoff is also in development.


Peacemaker is John Cena’s The Suicide Squad protagonist as he joins a team to save the world from parasitic butterflies that possess humans.

Gunn said that there is a good chance of Peacemaker season 2 being canceled. When asked about Peacemaker season 2, Gunn stated that the show was doing exceptionally well and that he and his crew enjoy doing it.

Gunn spoke out about another project. “We’re currently working on something else, another TV show that’s related to that universe.”

Deadline claims that Gunn, according to sources, brought an idea for a series about another character from The Suicide Squad to HBO Max. According to sources, Gunn is keen on the project which is still in its early stages.


Gun said, “I can’t speak for anyone.” It is connected to this universe and I don’t think it will have the same genre of Peacemaker. It won’t be as funny as Peacemaker but it will still be in the same universe.

He is also working in the Marvel Universe with Guardians of the Galaxy 3. He revealed that this would be the final appearance of the team of characters in the same interview. He said, “It is big. It’s so, SO big and dark and it’s different from what people might expect it to be.”

Peacemaker airs weekly on HBO Max while Guardians of the Galaxy 3 debuts May 5, 2023. For everything else in the MCU, be sure to check out our ultimate guide Marvel Phase4.

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