John Brody is the Chief Revenue Officer.

The firm has a Chief Revenue Officer position. He will be responsible for the sales department and support the school partners in providing innovative solutions. John Brody, who served as the executive vice-president, global head for sales and partnerships and head of international at World Wrestling Entertainment for six years, joined the company.

After his new role, he will continue to serve as a member of the board for Special Olympics Connecticut and Cloud9. Cole Gahagan talked about John’s experience in growth and disruption in media sales and sports, which is a perfect fit for how we are transforming our company and providing new revenue opportunities for our university partners. We are thrilled to have him as our CRO. His deep connections, experience and knowledge of the entertainment and sports industries are unmatched in our industry.

Electronic Arts partnered with Level Next to launch the collegiate league. On his appointment as CRO, the newly appointed CRO stated, “I am delighted to be joining the most passionate and ardent fans in all sports.” We are well-positioned for growth.

We can improve the fan experience by working with university partners and deliver for brand partners. John Brody gained a lot of knowledge from his time with World Wrestling Entertainment. This is why he was named the company’s new CRO. It is now establishing itself as an authority in the collegiate esports arena.

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