JoJos Bizarre Adventure: The All-Star Battle Trailer Shows Noriaki Kakyoin in Action

Bandai Namco has released a trailer for its first fighting game, Jos Bizarre: All Star Battle R.

The video features Noriaki Kakyoin and the legendary Stand Hierophant Green. It follows the Jotaro Kujo trailer, another one focusing on Jonathan Joestar and one with Dio Marko, and one featuring Johnny Joestar.

You can also check Johnny and Slow Dancer.

JoJos Bizarre Adventure – All Star Battlers is back on PlayStation 5 and Xbox One in September.

Please read the official description if you have any questions about this game.

Amazing imagery is an example of Hirohiko’s style.

Many JoJos Bizarre Adventure fans are fascinated by the Hirohiko-Arakis art technique.

Enjoy the JoJo Universe with powerful imagery like the Hirohiko Aakis movie.

You can now choose Hirohiko’s character from your hand, and you will feel as if you are inside a manga where all images are used to invoke the characteristic.

50 characters are available from all Jojo arcs. All of them are good enough.

Jotaro Kujo and Jonathan Joestar will use several generations.

You can play 50 characters from all the arcs and experience popular battles. Also, you will be able to see characters from other universes for your first time.

There are many game modes.

This title includes all Star Battle mode and Arcade mode.

All Star Battle mode is the main mode. It features characters from the original game in a battle, but also new battles that are exclusive to All Star Battle R.

Over 100 battles can be played with various conditions and scenarios.

You can also enjoy gallery mode, which offers unique illustrations and special cosmetic skins that are suitable for characters.

This game was born from the original all-star battle.

This title comes from the 2012 All Star Battle.

JoJos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R has a modified fighting pace and added hit stops and jump moves.

New audio recordings have been made by the most prominent voice actors in anime to create an animated series.

All Star fans are welcome to enjoy the experience with their newcomers and play.

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