Joker 2 is a musical icon. Imagine a grandma for Harley Quinn

It appears that Joker is to Todd Phillips would be a standalone film. The unplanned positive response to the darkly retelling the iconic DC villain’s story was a challenge for all involved to end the film in one. The sequel was finally confirmed with new news reports that claim the following: Lady Gaga is being watched as Harley Quinn’s character is being played out.


The Hollywood Reporter, sources from the past who were involved in the film, which is titled “Joker: Folie a Deux” is musical. This is certainly an explanation for the reason Lady Gaga would be perfect to play Quinn’s character. Although it was not confirmed that Gaga was set to be playing Quinn in the event that she was to join Joker 2, that’s definitely the role that makes perfect sense.

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The title of the sequel suggests the possibility that Quinn can be taken into the Joker’s world in the next film. To Folie and the following second sentence, is to spread the lies. Quinn does not only share Joker’s craziness in comic books however, she also follows Joker’s path to turning into an American psychiatrist. We saw Joker twice. The first time that we were able to see Joker was caught in the midst of a riot that he had started while the last occasion we see him was at Arkham Asylum talking to Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

This is all speculation. At present, Gaga isn’t officially linked to Joker However, According to the THR report, Joaquin Phoenix hasn’t yet committed to a certain. There are postings on social media showing Phoenix who has won the Oscar for his performance as Joker in the first film, but who was not officially signed on. Joker in the original film and who studied the script. Phillips would not have tweeted the announcement of the fact that Folie a Deux will be coming out if he wasn’t sure Phoenix would participate in the film. a part of the movie.

If you think that the movie is musical, it may seem a bit bizarre however, it’s an interesting story. If it is a sequel to a film that is like this, it won’t be a typical DC/Marvel flick. As we approach the transformation of Fleck to become the Joker the movie will unfold when both aspects of his personality go insane. It’s only natural that the Joker/Fleck would envision his life as a song, particularly when he’s about to become a lover to his doctor, and bring her on board and also.

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