Jurassic World 3 is the end of a trilogy – but maybe not the franchise

Jurassic World 3 , officially called Jurassic World 3 , may be the end to the current dino trio but it is not the end for the long-running franchise.

Frank Marshall, the Trilogy’s executive producer, stated Slash Film that “I believe Dominion’s going be wrapping up this trilogy”, but he wasn’t resting on his laurels. “We’re going sit down and we’re going see what the future looks like. Camp Cretaceous is a wonderful series on Netflix. While we want to make high-quality movies with great story telling and great directors, we are also looking for more work in the Jurassic realm.

The movie, which will be released in 2019, will take place four year after 2018’s Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. It sees prehistoric creatures escaping the park and occupying the rest of the world – with disastrous results.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt will return as Velociraptor handler Owen Grady, and Claire Dearing, the park’s operations manger. Sam Neill and Laura Dern will return to the screen as Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm – this is the first time that all three characters have appeared together since 1993’s Jurassic Park.

Director Colin Trevorrow said Total Movie that Laura, Sam, and Jeff had as much screen time as Chris and Bryce do. They are not always together, but they follow their stories equally and there is tension. It is not the same way as Hollywood movies. It works.


Jurassic World: Dominion will be on the big screen June 10. Check out our selections of other upcoming films that we are excited about for 2022 and beyond.

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