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Jurassic World Escape Room Revealed for Universals Great Movie Escape Attractions

The hugely popular franchise wrapped up it’s Chris Pratt reboot trilogy, with the success of the ten-inch film at the box office , it’s not surprising its resemblance to bad dinosaurs. The film also announced that Universal is planning to launch the Great Movie Escape, an escape room-like attraction inspired by Jurassic World. This is what we know about Universal’s Great Movie Escape.


The Great Movie Escape will premiere this fall at Universal CityWalk. It’ll take time, space and excitement to experience a mythologically frightening and ancient land. The same team that created the original concept behind the wildly popular Halloween Halloween Nights event, Universal is described as that offers a variety of sensory experiences.

While the number of specifics remains a bit less than that of dinosaurs, this team is hoping to design this attraction with the same level of authenticity and care for details that helped make Jurassic World VelociCoaster as well as Wizarding World of Harry Potter fans’ top picks. If the idea of escaping the jaws the Velociraptor isn’t the ideal way of having enjoyable then the Great Movie Escape is also offering a different experience for those who are more intrigued. When the attraction opens the guests will experience an adventure based off that of the Back to the Future franchise.

There is no information about the second escape rooms The possibility of being able to join Marty McFly and Doc Brown in their time-stretched DeLorean looks exciting. It is commonplace for guests to rotate with each other, and the new escape rooms are usually embraced by large cities as well as near tourist destinations.

However, the combination of Universal’s passion for themed entertainment as well as the impressive collection of Amblin Entertainment properties can lead to the Great Movie Escape taking form. In the other Jurassic World News, Jurassic World Evolution 2 is currently available for Xbox Game Pass as well as Jurassic World: Dominion spoilers have been leaked to YouTube.

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