Kitty Love Kohei Natsume Walkthrough

Kitty Love Kohei Natsume – The best choices to complete the Kohei Natsume Route. Unlock the Happy Ending and the Normal Ending

Kitty Love Kohei Natsume – Happy Ending

Choose the Happy Ending that is right for you


1. Episode: Jump Away

2nd Episode: “I’ll be safe with You”

Third Episode: Ask Kohei

4th Episode: Appeal To Kohei

Episode 5: I don’t know


6th Episode: I care.

7th Episode: “I’m Here”

8th Episode: “You are f to ” (You are precious to).

9th Episode: Unlock the Happy Endeavor

Normal Ending

There are many options to unlock the Normal Ending


1st Episode: Stop Caring

2nd Episode: I am a little worried

Third Episode: Stay silent

Fourth Episode: Object to Him


5th Episode: There isn’t

6th Episode: Do not reply

7th Episode: This city is nice

8th Episode: I misunderstood you earlier


9th Episode: Unlock the normal ending

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