Kitty Love Kyosuke Kawahara Walkthrough

Kitty Love Kyosuke Kawahara Walkthrough: Best Choices to Complete Kyosuke Kawahara Route. Unlock the Happy Ending and Normal Ending


Kitty Love Kyosuke Kawahara Walkthrough- Happy Ending

Choose the Happy Ending that is right for you


1st Episode: He might look cute

2nd Episode:

  • What is it for me?
  • It is hard to ignore.

3rd Episode:

  • Look closer to see
  • Apologize again

4th Episode: Pasta

5th Episode: Do you have any recommendations?


6th Episode: Mr. Kawahara, I

7th Episode: Wanted to Watch with Mr. Kawahara

8th Episode: There are no choices

9th Episode: Unlock the Happy Endeavor

Normal Ending

There are many options to unlock the Normal Ending


1st episode: Feel awkward

2nd Episode:

  • You won’t find it in a messy place
  • What is it?

3rd Episode:

  • Don’t be afraid, just wait!
  • Stop talking

4th Episode: Convenient store


Japanese Episode 5

6th Episode: ……..

7th Episode: It must be full of people

8th Episode: There are no choices


9th Episode: Unlock the normal ending

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