KOTOR The bundle on Switch blocks the first chapter until June 8th

KOTOR: The bundle on Switch blocks the first chapter until June 8th

A few players had reported issues with the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic bundle for Nintendo Switch. It was released on November 11th and 2021 on hybrid consoles, but the first chapter of RPG series gets stuck when the bundle is sucked up to June 8.

A buyer can sell the first game, but the bundle blocks access to the other games. Despite the technical limitations in the eShop’s eShop, both the SKUs of the products are considered common.

This problem was solved by a striker, reddit who purchased the bundle and realized that the first game would not be the one to start. It’s not possible to play the software or downloadable content yet. This message is what you get when you listen to the first episode. Some users are frustrated and claim that they received a refund from Nintendo. However, Nintendo would have reminded them to carefully review the information regarding the performance of the bundles.

We also note that buying KOTOR 2 and KOTOR 3 as bundles doesn’t provide a significant advantage. A $ 30 price tag is equal to the cost of the games individually or as a bundle. Many people have called for an immediate solution to the problem. However, they aren’t certain which way the second chapter will go.

We remind you that Star Wars KOTOR Remake currently works in Aspyr Media’s Saber Interactive studios. It will be available on PC and PlayStation 5 soon.

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