Latest Windows 11 update spells doom for a longstanding tool

Latest Windows 11 update spells doom for a longstanding tool

Microsoft’s most recent Windows 11 update messes with one of the oldest components in the system and it could be a way to shut down your gaming computer for good in the near future.

The most recent Windows 11 update targets a program that has been in use since 1985. These modifications could mark the end of this iconic component. While Windows 11 is worlds away from the predecessor operating systems each version of Windows has an individual Control Panel However, the familiar interface seems to be a bit outdated.

Highlighted by Windows Latest, the Windows 11 update almost takes away all but removing the Control Panel segment of the OS since most of its tasks connect to a brand new “Settings” app. A single of the most important functions offered by the utility that allows you to delete software, will shift onto the brand new Settings hub however, the process isn’t as smooth as you’d expect.

It’s true that the switch to Control Panel to the new Settings menu is as if you’re handing over your retirement to an office. The older, more seasoned tool has handed over tasks such as installing programs for the brand new start-up however, the settings tool does not recognize certain applications so Control Panel can’t join Internet Explorer in the Windows retirement home for a while yet.

Losing Control (Panel)

Don’t be sad about Control Panel yet, as it’s still active and alive in the most recent Version of Windows 11. However, it’s difficult to imagine that it’ll even be there to witness Windows 12, and it’s likely to take off its hat prior to it. It’s worth noting that its demise isn’t negative, given that the new website will simplify the operation of the system.

Windows 11 bring a lot to the table, because the new version of UI is supported with games PC features such as Automatic HDR and the speedy DirectStorage API to load games more quickly. If you’ve used the Windows operating software since 1.0x then you’re probably used to changing, even if Control Panel has remained a constant throughout your time.

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