Law and Esports bookmaking with Ballys Interactive and Sheppard Mullin is in this video.

The scene betting industry continues to grow every year. What are the challenges that bookmaking faces because of cultural norms and laws specific to each location? What can bookmaking do for the industry?

Craig Levine (CEO of ESL Gaming) and Daniel Schnapp (partner at Sheppard Müllerin), discuss the current state of bookmaking. The podcast discusses the role of gambling in generating revenue streams and how wagering can be used to promote the potential of fantasy esports. This is the third episode of the series.

You can also listen online to the show. The ESI Focus is part the ESI Podcast network, which covers the esports sector. A weekly roundup of the most important business news stories is available.

This series is intended for discussions with key stakeholders and personnel in esports.

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