Leak reveals AMD Ryzen 7000 Phoenix Point mobile processor with 8 cores based on 4nm Zen4 process

Leak reveals AMD Ryzen 7000 Phoenix Point mobile processo

The AMD Ryzen 7000 Phoenix Point is a tool for thin and lightweight laptops. It features a completely new architecture Zen 4. This information has been added to the Benchleaks and TUM_APISAK databases. This same MilkyWay database was first to identify AMD Zen 4 desktop CPUs with 8 or 16 cores. Although it doesn’t say that this is a Phoenix Point processor, the OPN code 100-000000709_23_N confirms that it is indeed a Phoenix Point sample.

AMD Ryzen 7700 Phoenix Point processors are labeled A70F00 and Ryzen 7700 Raphael processors codenamed A60F00. This database also lists the number processing units that were used in this engineering sample. It is 16. This number corresponds to the number of threads. The new model will have eight cores and 16 threads. The AMD Phoenix Point APUs have eight cores and 16 threads. Ryzen 7000 Dragon Range processors in the laptop segment will have 16 cores.

Similar to the entry in MilkyWay about the AMD Ryzen 7000 ES CPU, they are the same: “I have the idea of going one step further.”

AMD Ryzen 7000 Phoenix Point Mobile Probe: [25 112 0.] 8 cores/16 threads.

AMD Ryzen7000 Raphael: Intel 100-000000665-21_N [25 96 0] 16 Cores/32 Threads

AMD Ryzen-7000 Raphael: AMD Eng. 100-000000666-21_N [25 96 0] 8 Cores/16 Threads.

AMD has confirmed its four-nm processor lineup, including lightweight and thin gaming laptops with Zen 4 and RDNA3 cores. The AMD Ryzen7000 Phoenix Point supports LPDDR5/PCIe 5 and comes in a variety of models ranging from 35 to 45W. It is expected that the line will be available in 2023, and may even be announced at CES 2023. AMD also suggested that the laptop could include new memory technologies other than LPDDR5 or DDR5.

APU Ryzen 7700 Phoenix Point could have up to 16 cores and 8 threads according to estimates. Core counts higher than this are for Dragon Range chips. Phoenix Point will have less processor control units (CUs), but this will greatly increase performance over other options.

r with 8 cores based on 4nm Zen4 process technology

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