Leaked footage of cancelled Star Wars game 1313 shows Boba Fett in Coruscant

The brand new Star Wars 1313 gameplay has been released online, seven and eight years after the game was announced as cancelled.

The new gameplay video of three minutes in Star Wars 1313 just below. In the center of the video is the legendary Boba Fett. The notorious bounty hunter starts with a snooping Coruscant street before chasing two individuals.

If you’re not aware the gameplay video seems to be set after the shift in the protagonists. Star Wars 1313 was meant to start with a new bounty hunter who is which was controlled by the player prior to being taken down by Boba Fett. The more well-known character is able to take over for all time as main character.

It’s interesting to note that this gameplay demonstration takes place in the same order as an behind-closed-doors E3 demo. This demo from Star Wars 1313, which was shown only to members of the media, showed the first newcomer’s protagonist, but with Boba Fett not being seen. This new video game is quite a bit later.

Star Wars 1313 was first revealed in 2012 before being cancelled within a year in 2013 after Disney bought LucasArts and shut down the projectthat was previously under the guidance under the direction of Uncharted Veteran Amy Hennig. In the past, a variety of glimpses of the game appeared on the internet as well as the photo from the year 2020, which shows Boba Fett in a position against the Coruscant skyline.

It’s a pity that we’ll never know what Hennig and co. had in mind for Boba Fett However, there’s plenty more Star Wars to look forward to. In the last month, EA has announced that three coming Star Wars games were in development at Respawn Entertainment, one of which is sequel to the epic Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. 1313 may be gone however, Star Wars video games live on.

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