Lifeline Listen to him in Time Out Now on the Play Store

The Play Store has been home to a new Lifeline game for quite some time. It’s been six year since. You can see why I was so excited to inform you that Lifeline: Beside me in Time is still alive. It was very exciting.

You can send text messages to the stranded astronaut if you haven’t yet played one of these games. The outcome of the game will be affected by your choice and when you respond.

It’s a great idea. Lifeline: Beside You In Time adds more twists to it. You don’t have to text Taylor the foolish alien-infected twin. Instead, you can talk with him. You can take a break to help the villain or dispel him, depending on what interests you.

Live from Space!

This is the fourth chapter in Taylor’s adventures. There are many Lifeline games featuring different characters. Dave Justus is their new pend parlour. Many of the credits mentioned above include Affairs and The Wolf.

The best thing about the game is that it doesn’t require a computer and requires no internet access. What internet access is available to reach the other side?

You can download Lifeline: Beyond Time from the Play Store if you’d like to help. You’ll get $3.99 for the opportunity to make friends with both a good and evil spaceman.

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