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Lifting Legends Simulator Codes (September 2022)

Lifting Legends Simulator Codes (September 2022)

We’ve got the complete listing of all new and functioning Roblox Lifting Legends Simulator codes that can earn you rewards for free within the game!

Roblox the Lifting Legends Simulator is a game created by EarthWorks to play the platform. The game will begin as a stick and then work on building up muscles until you’re super heavy. Run on the treadmill or lift weights and perform push-ups to improve your physique. When you’re able to build up, you’ll be able to gain access to new islands, battle opponents, and collect pets to rise to the top of the leaderboards!

L Lifting Legends Simulator Codes

Latest Codes

  • TAP – 2,500 Coins
  • RELEASE – 1,000 Coins

Codes for HTML0 are available to many other games on the Roblox Games codes webpage.

Expired Codes

  • There are no codes currently in use!

Lifting Legends Simulator FAQ

How can I redeem my codes within Lifting Legends Simulator?

To redeem codes within Roblox Lifting Legends Simulator, you’ll have been following these instructions:

  1. Start Roblox the Lifting Legends Simulator on your device
  2. Select the Tweet icon located on the left side of the screen.
  3. Copy one of our codes from our list
  4. Type it in the text box.
  5. Click the Redeem button and receive your reward

If you’re using a brand-new code that isn’t working you can try closing the game, and then opening it again. This will result in the new server that may have an updated version of the game, where the code should be functioning!

Where can I find more code in the Lifting Legends Simulator?

To get additional codes, be sure you sign up to this group EarthWorks Roblox Group for the game to receive updates, and news, as well as to talk to other players. In the meantime, we’ll update this site to include the latest codes, so be sure to visit us regularly!

These are the only codes that we have currently available for Roblox Lifting Legends Simulator. If you find one isn’t listed we’d love to you know via the comments section so that we can add it immediately!