Link’s Breath of the Wild archery skills are sorely lacking, according to one expert

Link from The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild – According to an archery expert, Breath of the Wild isn’t very proficient with a bow or arrow.

Polygon (opens in new tab) – Ridgeline Mount Archers, a professional horse archery school, recently uploaded a video to its TikTok page explaining why Link isn’t great at the sport.

The instructor points out that Link is drawing his bow incorrectly by placing the arrow on top and using an inverted 2-finger draw. It looks great, but it is not the best draw. The TikTok instructor says that it pushes arrow in an opposite direction to where it should be. Ridgeline Mount Archers says that Link’s technique is not something you should ever try in real life.

Ridgeline Mount Archers might have the answer for you on their TikTok page if you are interested in finding out how archery-related fictional characters are doing. The training school team has also answered questions about Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn’s ability to use a bow-and-arrow (opens new tab), Legolas from The Lord of the Rings (opens new tab), and Merida from Pixar’s Brave (opens new tab).

However, Link shouldn’t just keep his sword and shield in Legend of Zelda. In fact, Link, while being controlled by a speedrunner, recently became the first person to acquire an impossibly rare and difficult arrow. It took nine months of real time and a ton of bomb arrows.

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