Lost Ark Carrot and Stick Quest

Lost Ark Carrot and Stick Quest Find the secret spot for fishing and catch x3 white Belly and unlock the secret chest using the amazing key.

Requirementst It is possible to begin with the Carrot and Stick Quest after talking to wounded Kir within Lost City. The quest is fishing-related and you must find a specific place however, below we will help you with your doubts.

Lost Ark Carrot and Stick Quest – Steps

Here are steps required to finish your quest. Lost Ark carrot and Stick Quest:

  1. You must complete The Fearsome Man Eating Monster Quest and speak with Injured Kir within Kir’s Lost City zone. Inquire with Kir about the hidden fishing spot and then locate it.
  2. Locating The secret fishing place It is located it in between two dead end points on the right of the Lost City Map, but it’s hidden behind a wall that is breakable. Two treasure chests are just on the other side of the wall that is broken, and they’re the only clues we can provide to locate the hidden treasure.
  3. Smash the wall with an attack. You can catch 3 white Belly Fish there
  4. Return to Kir and give her gim three white Belly Fish
  5. Final step Step 3: Cheer for Kir and use /cheer to make the cheer Emote
  6. You will receive your Splendid Key of Oblivion to unlock the chest in a secret location as a reward (check the video below, for the secret chest)

Secret Fishing Spot – Video Guide & Location

If you are still unsure about how to locate the secret spot for fishing look up this guide to learn how to find it (00:36). The guide comes from Heroic Mizu and within it, you’ll discover how to get to an undiscovered chest (8:58) It is required to obtain you to have the Splendid Key of Oblivion.

We hope this guide will be helpful to you and you’ve found your Secret Fishing Spot, Captured the three white Belly Fish, and opened the secret chest using the Splendid Key

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