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Lost Ark is easily considered one of the top MMOs that have been released in the last few years due to its thrilling combat, exploration, and advanced system of paths.

This game is divided into multiple tasks, such as Stronghold and Chain, Dungeon and Rapport, and many more however in this guide we’ll focus on the most important task of Lost Ark. Before we begin read the Lost Ark Trading-Clubs Guide and the top 5 Solo classes Guide.

Lost Ark provides the players an unforgettable experience thanks to its unique gameplay features that keep things exciting and expose players can take part in whatever they would like to accomplish. In this game, players have the option to select from a variety of projects like Gunlancer, Bard and Glaivier The game offers players the freedom to select the most suitable ships and crews depending on their game.


Within the numerous quest-systems that are available in The Lost Ark, players can take on quests and earn different rewards, such as Combat XP, Silver, Gold, Pirate Coins, Roaster XP and many more. These are both daily and weekly tasks that players are able to be able to complete in order to earn different rewards.

Gold is among the most valuable currency options for the end game found in Lost Ark. It is also required to purchase Unique Items like The Song of Resonance and Giant Hearts. These two currencies are gained through an Unas task.

When you’ve reached threshold 50, the unas task will be released and accessible automatically via pressing the ALT-J key or by selecting Adventure in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and then under the tab for unas tasks. They’re split in four different categories.

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Reputation Status
  • Guild Requests


It is the Daily Unas mission is a every day task.

The daily tasks change every each day. In a single day, you are only able to finish three tasks. Daily tasks can be completed at any time and tell the location you’ll need to finish the assignment. An everyday task is possible to complete several daily tasks simultaneously. Certain tasks may be completed simultaneously and others could be performed in various locations. It’s your responsibility to choose which tasks you’d like to finish.

The daily tasks you complete earn you two points. The reputation of your character will improve by interacting with specific NPCs. If you’re looking to earn extra cash don’t forget those daily tasks.


The schedules for a week follow one.

Each week, you’ll reset weekly. It is possible to complete only 3 weekly tasks per week, however unlike the daily tasks, you are able to do a weekly project simultaneously. The weekly tasks are centered around playing games, which generally require more time than everyday tasks, so make aware that you’re at the right level prior to starting weekly tasks.

Weekly tasks provide you with valuable materials and also rewards Unas Token. Comparing daily tasks with weekly tasks will earn you additional points. If you’re looking to earn more gold or another substance, don’t skip every weekly task.



Based on the job you’re working on depending on the task you are performing, it can boost your popularity with specific NPCs. Growing your popularity with NPCs could award you prizes. If these quests improve your popularity with NPCs it is a most suitable reason to take on the quests daily or weekly, even when you don’t have the capacity to complete regularly or weekly daily quests that you don’t like.

If you can increase your fame through NPCs, you may be awarded valuable, rare money It is advised if you do not have any issues with this good name.


Guild Quests

By using the Guilds Register through the Guilds Register, you are able to look up Guilds to benefit you. If you don’t see any guild quest, you’re probably not yet a member of an organization. It’s easy to fix that by joining an organization.

Administrators are invited to attend an event as an administrator. You’ll see a link that reads, “Community.” Then you can go back to Guilds. There is the list of guilds you can join , or could make an application to join. If you join a guild, then you’ll be able to finish guild quests.


Paids to Unas Tokens for Unas Tokens.

We mentioned earlier that you will earn points you can earn points for any task, be it either weekly or daily. You’ll earn points. When you have earned an quantity of points, then you’ll be awarded Unas Tokens. The amount of points required to get Unas Token is 1:52.

  • 25 points earn 25 points award Unas Token.
  • Token will earn 35 points over additional 27 tokens.
  • 45 points give 35 Unas Token prizes.
  • The award of 55 points is for 36 Unas Tokens.
  • 70 points earn you 55 Unas Token.

In total, you could receive 180 Unas tokens in one week. If you complete all tasks within the course of a week. You may take a break from one or two daily tasks, however we would not recommend abusing a weekly chore. That’s why you can’t save you 70 points over one week.


Unas Token business has ceased.

After you’ve obtained Unas Token it’s time to spend the tokens. If you haven’t claimed your the unclaimed Unas Token tokens and the reset for the week occurred, you don’t have to worry! The unclaimed Unas Token is received in the mail.

In the event that you wish to make use of Unas Token, you should first find a retailer in any city. Then, you can purchase an uncoated silver sack, small Safe or a large gold Chest.


The bar is a silver one from the past. In the case of tall gold bar and the heavy gold bars the most frequent drops are 200. The gold bar that is thick is worth 1000 gold. If you happen to receive this kind of drop, there’s an opportunity. The gold bar is thin and weighs more than 100 gold.


If you purchase a smaller safe at 200 Token The most frequent drops is 700 Gold. These rare drop are comparable to the ones found in that of Hefty gold-sack. You can either receive a Thick Gold Bar worth 1000 gold or the Thin Gold Bar worth 100 gold.


The Large Gold Chest is the most expensive thing you can purchase for Unas Token. The big gold chest costs 500 dollars as-token. Over the course of a week unas-tokens could take up to one hour. You will receive a massive sword made of gold. If you buy a large amount, it could shed quite a lot of gold.

The second drop is of similar size to the smaller safe and massive gold sack, however it’s larger. Large Gold Chest also has the fourth reward. It’s not often that you’ll be able to receive this Giant Gold Bar worth about 10,000 gold.

It is recommended to keep the Aas Token to be used in to be used in the Big Gold Chest and to stay clear of the smaller Sack inside the smaller Gold Sack.


There is no one unas tasks that we can be sure is the best unas quest on Lost Ark. To determine what tasks will be most suitable for you First, we have to figure out the right materials for you. Let’s say that you want to locate Giant Hearts. The most effective task for you is the one that’s not a Task for you is the one that gives you Giant Hearts as well as Pirate Coins so you can make use of the Pirate Coins to purchase Giant Hearts from various businesses.

Giant Hearts

It’s the ideal task for Unas to get Huge Hearts.

  • Have a look at Tooki.
  • Super Secret Materials to be used in an extremely-secret project.
  • Ruffians are in the air.

Our top choices for quests we could think of to earn pirate coins are among our top.

  • You can file a case for a restraining order against the offender.
  • Check out the terrifying story of Sammy (you can also purchase access to the Eiberns Wound Ship) to see the film’s benefit.
  • A ride on the breeze (which means you can also buy the Eurus ship also).
  • Following the rules of pirates (you’ll be granted the Tragon ship, and much more!)
  • She is confused, and pulls out some things (you’ll be able to see the blueprint) for the Ashtray construction will be built on).

I’m here for an update. Lost Ark is now available on PC via Steam.

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