Lost Arks Vykas Raid Is Coming Next Next Week Since Multiple Delays Have Already Arrived


Vykas is the next opponent for the Lost Ark. It was planned that it would be released mid-juin. The games team was able to fix bot problems that delayed the release. Fans began to wonder if the devs would delay it until July.

It seems that Lost Arks’ update will take place in June, with all the necessary gear. Multiple reports indicate that fans can expect the Vykas Raid ending on June 30. The devs might have wanted it to end in mid-June. The team decided to delay the release of its code from bots. This was a first.

Devs said that the team was working towards long-term solutions for the bug. Bots reached a new peak in Lost Ark in June.

The Lost Ark developers were unable control the situation once we entered the fox. Their efforts were noticed by the gaming community, who saw a significant improvement in the situation. Devs stated that the work isn’t over yet. Recent developments, such as the massive ban wave and other recent efforts have had a positive impact on Arkesia and bot care.

Next week, the Devs will issue a second statement to discuss Vykas raid. They will also answer any questions regarding player complaints (e.g. monetization and related systems).

In June, one should look after the Lost Ark Vykas. New features are also included in the update, including Guardian Raid and Thronespire. The developers will continue to fight bot issues and add new content.

Devs were also added to this effort.

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