Magic The Gathering Vanguard Series 3 Pt

August 19, 2022

All the great collectors and players of magic are welcome to The Gathering, Wizards of the Coast’s first trading card game. For the past five weeks, we have been studying several character cards from Vanguard’s supplemental releases. We also looked at how these large cards, which are not commonly used or even usable in most formats, have managed to increase in value over the last few years despite that. This article features a very outrageous ticket for one of the three Vanguard characters at a.m. Are you ready for royal credit cards We are taking the stage.

Stronghold has the complete art book. Ron Spencer shows it.


Rofellos, an Elf from Llanowars is rarely seen in Commander games. Because he is the most skilled at producing green mana, and because the card that bears his name, Rofellos’s Gift, it is highly situational, Rofellos is completely banned from the format. These decks have the same colors as those in the sky. Rofellos and vanishing characters are becoming more compatible with Fecundity. However, it’s a one-sided copy and cannot be interacted with.

Rofellos is a player who uses the nickname “The Gathering”, to play the game of Wizards of the Coast.

Rofellos would have a terrible time playing in a deck that loves to work on the graveyard. You might be able, for example, to discard two cards from your opening hand during the game. If you play Reanimate, you have more life than you need. Is this worth the 18-dollar price tag? It’s not unreasonable to pay this much for Vanguard cards. But Rofellos is a great choice.


Sidar Kondo, a warman from Jamura, served as a father to Vuel (later Volrath), evincar on the artificial plane known as Rath, and as a surrogate parent of Gerrard Capeashen. He retreated to Giant Growth when his ability was not possible, perhaps to show his nurturing nature as the father to those two.

Sidar Kondo, a new version of Magic: the Gathering is available. It is a game from the Wizards of the Coast.

Sidar Kondo can lower your hands and start and maximum size of a card. However, one card won’t be good for well-tuned decks. They don’t mulligan nearly as aggressively and your +12-to-start life total isn’t as good. The Gathering Kondo is a Vanguard option that some people find a little too difficult to comprehend. Even though this card is expensive, $8 is still a great deal.


The slivers of Rath were a large population of hive-minded, adaptable beasts that could adapt to almost any environment and situation. Their Queen was a natural force for herself and, while other slivers have been born, the Sliver queen is the one most sliver lovers aspire to own. The Brood Mother offered a staggering $1,000 to the Sliver Queen. This would have been equivalent to taking her large card to Commander’s Arsenal. It’s actually a better buy because the cards have more power than Commander’s larger version.

Wonne Queen, Mr. Mother, a character of vanguard for the World Secrets game.

It might be worth it to buy Sliver Queen. Then you could buy a card that does only what you are used to, and a card which does not do anything new. However, this card would also be able to give you a new weapon for mana. As a bonus, it would be difficult if you had the money to hand as a weapon of war. This might be the time you consider buying a new collection, even if it’s not for a while.


Takara is a Vanguard card that has no equivalent in standard-sized Magic: The Gathering. She claims she is Starke’s daughter, which we covered in a previous article (Series 2: Part 2). Starke was a gunman, and a collector of turncoats, but Takara in her flavor text is not more redeemable.

Takara is a Vanguard Character of Magic: The Gathering. This game is by Wizards of the Coast.

Takara is an excellent choice for token decks and aristocrats decks. Her activated abilities are more powerful than the of Goblin Bombardment, making her a card that can be interacted. It’s amazing to have 10 cards in your hand and the maximum amount of cards. Takara is a good buy at just $4 USD.

Next week we will be looking at the first four Vanguard characters from series 4 of Magic: The Gathering. Due to a lack of supplies, prices rise beyond what they should be. Are you excited? Would you like Wizards of the Coast reprint these large cards?

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