Mahjong World Contest 100% Achievement Guide

An easy-to-read guide to the 26 accomplishments in the Mahjong World Contest.



Total Number of Achievements: 26
Online Achievements: 0
Offline Achievements: 26
Broken Achievements: 0
DLC Required: N/a
Time: 10-15 hoursOverview:

  • Attain 3 stars in all levels
  • Utilize the bonus shuffle 250 times
  • You can achieve a multiplier index of x15.
  • Get 1,000,000 points total
  • Take away 10000 tiles



  • This guide doesn’t cover game mechanics and gameplay basics.

Game Progression Achievements


Lotus Cup
Finish the hall with the flowering lotus



Crane Cup
Finish the hall of golden cranes


Bamboo Cup
Complete the bamboo Hall of the grove



Sakura Cup
Complete the hall of the branch sakura



Phoenix Cup
Complete the hall of red phoenix


Dragon Cup
Complete the azure dragon’s room


The achievements will be unlocked after completing the final stage of each hall regardless of the number of stars you have earned.

Casino Chip Achievements


Casino Chip (bronze)
Bonus 50 times



Casino Chip (silver)
Bonus is valid for 100 times



Casino Chip (gold)
Bonus is valid for 250 times

“Bonus” here refers to your ability to shuffle.
Utilize your shuffle capability for a total of 250 times.Depending on how frequently you make use of it, you may have to grind or farm at some moment.

Remember that, to farm, you begin each level with the ability to shuffle loaded so you can load any level and use the ability, and then start the level again and repeat the process or remove pieces until you’re able move them again.


Champion Cup and “Certificate” Achievements


Student’s Certificate
Earn 30 stars



Specialist’s Certificate
Earn 60 stars


Master’s Certificate
Earn 120 stars



Professional’s Certificate
Earn 180 stars



Champion’s Certificate
Earn the equivalent of 240 stars

There’s 360 stars that can be earned within this video gameplay (120 levels) This will naturally mean that you’ll achieve all of the above feats as you try to earn the Champion Cup (gold) achievement. 

Champion Cup (bronze)
Completion of 30 levels with the highest score.



Champion Cup (silver)
Complete 60 levels and earn the best score.



Champion Cup (gold)
Complete all levels to earn the highest score.

Every one of the stars in any level can be tied to the achievement of a certain task. These include:

  • Eliminating all gold pieces (main aim)
  • Reaching the goal within a specified number of moves
  • Acquiring a particular score
  • Reaching the goal within a certain time frame

The current issues will be posted when the level is launched.


A few general suggestions I can give you:

  • You can use shuffles to remind you exactly where golden bits are.
  • If you’re aware that a certain piece is going to need to be removed at some point or because it’s gold or because a golden item is blockage by it, you must make an effort to remove it prior to shuffling.
  • Eliminating all golden pieces remove as little regular pieces as is possible, tends to earn greater points that the multiplier or index.
  • Shuffling is a fantastic tool that is beneficial frequently So don’t be afraid to make use of it.

Note: If it is the case that the Champion Cup (gold) achievement isn’t available after you have achieved 3 stars at the end of your stage, begin the first level and finish it.

Sprinter Cup Achievements



Sprinter Cup (bronze)
Attain an index of x5


Sprinter Cup (silver)
Attain the x10 index


Sprinter Cup (gold)
Attain the x15 index

Attain a 15x points multiplyer index.The bronze and silver instances are likely to be reached sometime prior to the end of the hall. The 15x multiplier is quickly, and nearly exclusively reached via the

11th floor within the Azure Dragon hall.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • 1. Remove one layer of tile within both rings.
  • 2.Start taking the tiles out of each of the rings, in counterclockwise movements until the pattern ends.
  • 3 3 Repeat the step before however, on the opposite ring.
  • 4 4 Find the other tiles of the rings to unlock the next set of matches that are adjacent to each ring. Proceed to remove them.
  • 5 5 Switch the boards anytime you feel stuck.

V.I.P. Chip Achievements


V.I.P. Chip (bronze)
Earn 100.000 points


V.I.P. Chip (silver)
Earn 500.000 points


V.I.P. Chip (gold)
Earn 1.000.000 points

Aim for a amount of one million points. Points are awarded in the manner as follows:

  • 5 points for every regular tile removed
  • 25 points for every golden tile removed
  • 70 points for each tile left on the board after the removal of all golden tiles

Due to this, making a plan and clearing as little tiles as you can while removing all golden tiles nearly always earns more points than an index that is high in multiplier.
These achievements will be released by default when you reach 100 percent. In comparison, I scored just more than 1.500.000 points at the time that the ultimate achievement was not unlocked.

Note: If you achieve any of these milestones but the achievement isn’t obtainable, you must go to any level, and then remove one tile.

Mahjong Tiles Achievements


Mahjong Tile (bronze)
Take away 1000 tiles


Mahjong Tile (silver)
Take away 5000 tiles


Mahjong Tile (gold)
Take away 10000 tiles

It can cumulativelyremove 10.000 pair of Mahjong pieces from the board.

The silver and bronze instances are unlocked automatically while you play through all levels. Depending on the amount of times you play each level

You may need to engage in a little grinding/farmingat at some time.

The most effective level I could find for grinding these achievements can be found in the 11th stage of Azure Dragon Hall (the one one on two pages) as you will be able to traverse the entire hall quite quickly.

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