Mainstream CPUs ate the high-end desktop, but enthusiasts need more resources

The premium desktop isn’t as it was in the past. A variety of motherboards and processors that HEDT has seen a dramatic change over the years, suggesting that the issue can never be resolved.

There were many fantasies that were realized with inexpensive systems like Intels X99 and AMDs Threadripper for example, such as the Lamborghini poster that you can hang on your wall. Are you in search of an Tesco GPU? Intel provided you with the core i7 6950X for $100. If that wasn’t enough 18 cores were on the way and then the massive AMD Threadripper CPUs, which could have as many as 64 cores.

The HEDT market was dominated by professional gamers with high-end equipment and workstations who didn’t require server-grade hardware, but required high-end features and processing power. They’ve nearly vanished because of the increase in large high-core processors from both Intel as well as AMD. Let’s talk about how mainstream and HEDT processors actually compare, and also what the features of the top motherboards differs the two platforms.


Recently, the creator of a workstation-based company Puget Systems posted an excellent article on this subject. They have a wealth of data on sales to back their findings, which show an enormous decrease in sales for Intel Core X CPUs and in AMD’s Threadripper.

Apart from the cited issues with supply, for instance the demise of threadripper by AMD at the end of May decrease is likely to coincide with the mainstream CPUs released by AMD and Intel which have a formidable multicore punch at a lower price.

Intels low-quality Core X has been limping through several months on Puget System, but now that AMDs core hardware AMDs is gone as well as HEDT is not the only option on that list of workstations.

Puget Systems

This is also clear in the context of the high demand and the limitations in capabilities, it’s not the best choice to concentrate on larger markets, but instead do it in the context of a huge need of Intel as well as AMD to meet this demand. The CPUs they offer are definitely a huge demand right now, leaving an unfortunate legacy of the HEDT Core X and Threadripper models to flounder in the current environment. It’s important to follow Intel and AMD in the same day.


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AMD is credited with starting an HEDT strangulation. With the introduction of its Ryzen series of CPUs five years ago, the company began to release ultra-high-core-count CPUs for mainstream motherboards, and blossomed into truly beastly CPUs such as the Ryzen 9 3950 and Ryzen 9 5950, with 16 cores and 32 threads. This made it simpler to use Intels old Core i9-10980XE to be an 18-core version of Intels old X299 HEDT for less than half the cost.

In fact, the initial of the most modest X299 enhancements was the beginning of the end of Intels recent HEDT goals. The Core 780XE as well as the 9980XE are disappointingly slow improvements year-over-year. They quickly became famous as part of the popular Ryzen platform, and were completely destroyed with AMDs Threadripper HDT chip with performance.

AMD’s huge threadripper comes with a HEDT machine that is water-cooled.

Tiago Trevisan/IDG?

The powerful Threadripper was able to see its effectiveness decrease to a certain extent due to powerful CPUs. Intels powerful Core i9-12900K is an extremely powerful CPU. It is built on single-core applications, like multi-level tasks and gaming that were once the staple of the HEDT system. It is similar to that of the chip Ryzen 9 5950X, which is among the most effective in the market.

With no requirements and, of course, the majority people backed the HEDT platform, as did most people who joined the mainstream, including the professionals.




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We have established that the mainstream CPU have already accepted a significant portion of HEDT for the vast majority of users. (Though those with 32 cores or more enjoy a safe time.) Prior to Intels X99 to X99, gamers were adamant about the HEDT platform being the best gaming system even though it was not as powerful or available on mainstream processors like Intel’s Core i7-7700k. The situation has drastically changed and eliminated the need for HEDT, and decreasing the amount of professionals who only use professional software.

Now let’s take a examine this hearty food, similar to it’s motherboard as well as the foundations. The mainstream is really taken on this aspect also? Don’t worry, in this particular area the slow demise of HEDT has the greatest impact.

PCIe lanes

Are you looking to run a large number of graphic cards a large number of SSDs within a RAID array Video capture card, as well as different NVMe m.2 drives? They are a great choice on platforms such as Threadripper. The platform has the possibility of having up to 88 PCIe lanes, Threadripper eschewed the space for other machines such as AMD X570 as well as Intel Z690.

Although new platforms like Intels Z690 offer cutting-edge technologies such as DDR5 memory as well as PCIe 5.0 and 5.0, for those looking for an extensive expansion capability, Threadripper remains a viable option (with Threadripper Pro 5000 being the top of the crop but only available on pre-built Lenovo Workstations). Intels X299 platform has strong PCIE-like lanes. However, it’s obsolete in many other aspects that make up the internet. Even X299 isn’t in line with most recent standards, and PCIE Gen 3 remains the same as G3 on this page.

If you’re an enthusiast with a premium gaming experience the threadripper isn’t an alternative. The PCIe lanes available on the mainstream platforms are adequate to support dual GPU setups and include plenty of NVME drives. Additionally gaming performance is less when using Threadripper as compared to an analog version. A majority of those who choose this model benefit from the additional PCIe Lanes.

Fill up your CPUs using your Gigabyte Xtreme motherboard.

Thiago Trevisan/IDG.

Memory support

If 128GB of RAM isn’t enough, you’ll require an advanced platform to handle your work. Threadripper can support up to 256GB. It will have access to quad channel memory and it supports error-correction (ECC) memory. This isn’t necessary in the gaming world, however it could be vital for professionals. These users are sadly not being served at the moment and will have to choose between traditional platforms or shell out more on server-class options.

Connectivity and network connectivity


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Since then when he made the most of his birthday with his own 10GB and a plethora of USB ports. In a recent effort one of the most well-known IDE products are 44-six per cent of the text produced by the aging gigabyte Aorus Master (a mobo we loved). Since the release of the new version that has a higher speeds for Wi-Fi as well as Thunderbolt 4 on a wide selection of motherboards with features that aren’t present on the older HED offerings.


This is one of the main reasons to the loss of HEDT. Intels 6950x 2,000 only had 10 cores, while the 32 core Ryzen Threadripper 3970X costs a much higher (when you purchase them as stock). Comparatively to other HEDT CPUs traditional Ryzen 9 5950X can be purchased for just $600 on the current market and can compete the requirements of a number of OEMs to provide significant savings. There are many budget-friendly motherboards which makes it less expensive and more expensive.


To show that I have test Shadow of the Tomb Raider in Nvidia’s huge GeForce RTX 3090 Ti on two CPUs that include the threadripper chip with 24 cores and an i9-12900K core processor. Since the CPU’s resolution was 1080p, its highest performance was estimated to be 150 FPS. The Intel 12900K could have surpassed with 225 FPS in a flash. Of obviously, this isn’t the optimal CPU or GPU setup for 1080p. However, I wanted to show that The HEDT technology is no longer needed in gaming.

What about other multi-threaded tasks? The Threadripper is likely to win synthetic benchmarks, however the majority of real-world tasks are shifting to GPU heavy tasks. Let Davinci Resolve present an some examples. If your workflow relies extensively on CPUs with multithreads you’ll still require the power that HEDT provides but it’s also decreasing.

It’s a cool box for the Core i9 10980XE at least.

Thiago Trevisan/IDG, Igynia/Kioni.


One sad truth remains that there isn’t a lot of HeDT to buy from Intel as well as AMD. I like it. Intels X299 motherboards and CPUs are virtually impossible to find however this doesn’t pertain to the majority of Threadripper motherboards or CPUs. Then again, Puget Systems, a professional systems integrator, claims that they cannot purchase Threadripper merchandise from retailers.

Intel and AMD have apparently gotten the message. The coolest, most expensive hardware, including an enthusiast grade one, is designed to appeal to the more mainstream market such as such as the X570 or Z690. This is enough for all customers, leaving only special cases that need the processor and memory management to purchase these legendary unicorn platforms. The supply chain problems that have been a drag definitely slowed any new product launches including Threadrippers the 5000-series CPU that haven’t been released in the last few months despite being reported.

Do not forget that, in reality those working in the server or workingstation classes have specific needs that aren’t compatible with mainstream CPUs. They are Intel-Xeon and AMD Epyc lineups that provide huge core counts, high-end memory support along with overall speed that are suitable in a highly-specialized environment and are not suitable for the average high-end enthusiast. It also comes with a higher cost for entry, leaving the majority of enthusiasts and prosumers without the ability are able to benefit from these capabilities. This is the area where HEDT is the most snubbed.

Could the future be different? Potentially. AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 series of CPUs is likely to make HEDTs harder. There are more functions and speed included in Ryzen 700, this could reduce the amount of work that requires HEDT platforms to complete their tasks.

Being more productive there’s more room for HEDT. Even Ryzen 7000 may not meet the requirements of this ever-growing segment. As the demand for stronger PCIe lanes along with memory support and a greater number of cores continue to grow but some users have to pay a dime. Perhaps the next generation of Intel or AMD HEDT systems can help to alleviate those itchinesses. Gamers are already aware of the latest offerings from mainstream gaming and it isn’t likely to alter.


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