Make for a restaurant with three lilies

The new mergers event is already underway. The 4th July 2022 event added many new features to the game over the course of the event. There are many items such as coolers, grills, fireworks, and other similar items in the game. Players have difficulty making bacon and burgers. We will also explain how to get them in this Merge Mansion Burger & Buns Guide.


You will need to begin the Fourth of July event. A guide will help you start the event if you don’t have any idea how to do it. You can then start the event and acquire new items. How do you make burgers and why do you need to have so many buns?

Empty your shopping bags to find more delicious buns. Keep emptying the bags and you will soon have the hot dog and hamburger buns. Next, make your hamburgers into a hamburger. It’s not something I would rather put in a burger patt. Instead of following the instructions to the left, why not do this? This will show you how to combine your hamburger bun. These are your standard burger ingredients and condiments like ketchup. Follow the instructions and you will soon be able to make more hamburgers than you need. This is how you can make hamburgers at the Merge Mansion Fourth of July 2022 event.

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