Many remake fans think that this is the connection between 4 Remake and Village

Many remake fans think that this is the connection between 4 Remake and Village

Resident Evil 4 Remake is now officially announced. Leon Kennedy fans might return to the village, castle and island next year. Many will speculate about the possible connections between the remake and the original, while others will continue to play the game. The Resident Evil Village is the focus of the red carpet.

Reddit user, kaijumediajames, noticed first that the symbol used in the announcement was identical with an item from Village. It’s clear that 4 Remake has a blood-stained carving made by four hands using a ring. It does bear some resemblance with the four Village homes, which have their four wings and ringed design. Click the trailer to see the carvings.

Lejitness, a Fellow Reddit user, compiled some other connections in a separate thread. The main villain of Resident Evil 4 is exactly the same person as Mother Miranda in the village. However, the unexpected death of the cynical Nipoig has caused a shock death. They function in the same way that Cadou. Although there was much speculation about Village’s ties to 4 at the time it was announced, it was only until the campaign began that any actual evidence was available. The Duke, who sells Ethan gear in Village, quotes directly at a 4s merchant. This is the closest connection.

This is speculation at the moment. These theories should be taken as such. If the entire world has one, it is the same as all the other, and only the evil 4 or the village can be fast dating. You shouldn’t be surprised to see Marie Dimitrescu in Salazars castle, or on Netflix. Capcom may surprise us with a remake.

Its release date is March 24, 2023, according to the fact. Evil 4 is coming to PlayStation 5 (Xbox X/S) and Xbox X/S (Xbox X/S). This is a bonus, I believe.

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