Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy devs chose the heroes because of a mutual “underdogs” feeling

Eidos Montreal chose Guardians of the Galaxy because of its “underdog” mentality to be adapted into a videogame.

Jean-Francois Dugas of Eidos Montreal and Mary DeMarle spoke on Ted Price’s Game Maker’s Notebook (opens in a new tab) podcast. They discussed how they came to adapt Marvel’s ragtag team into a videogame. Dugas said, “I knew David Anfossi was looking for a partner like Marvel. He approached us and Mary and said we could collaborate with Marvel.”

According to the senior creative director, Anfossi had asked DeMarle and himself what Marvel property they wanted to develop and all agreed on Guardians of the Galaxy. Dugas explained that Guardians of the Galaxy was the right team of underdogs for his personality and fit the studio’s needs in certain ways.

Dugas explained that Eidos Montreal feels like an underdog team, much like the Guardians of the Galaxy. Dugas said that the studio felt constantly rejected and that people didn’t think they could make a good Guardians of the Galaxy or Deus Ex game. All of this led to a feeling of being an underdog within the development team. They chose Guardians of the Galaxy as their adaptable choice.

Eidos Montreal produced a fantastic Guardians of the Galaxy title. Eidos Montreal’s new effort was awarded four stars. We also wrote in our Guardians of the Galaxy Review that the game may even be better than the Marvel Cinematic Universe film adaptations.

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