Marvels Midnight Suns gets new trailer, official release date and New Cinematic Trailer

Marvels Midnight Suns gets new trailer, official release date and New Cinematic Trailer

The end of darkness is near. Rise up! If you want Lilith and her desonic offspring to be protected, fight as the legend’s supernatural sidekick, the Midnight Suns. Pre-order Marvel Midnight Suns today!

2K Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment announced today the release of Midnight Suns For Marvels on October 7, 2022. Marvels Midnight Suns is a legendary franchise created by Firaxis Games. This is a brand new tactical RPG that explores the darker side the Marvel Universe. S, Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Later, the Nintendo Switch version of the game will be available. Pre-order the Marvel Suns now.

The time has come to expose the dark side the Marvels when the powerful Armies of Hydra join forces with Lilith, the demonic Lilith and their fearsome horde. Your mission as the Hunter is to lead an unlikely team of Super Heroes and dangerous supernatural fighters to victory. Blade, Doctor Strange and Iron Man are legends that must come to terms with the apocalyptic threat. You will need to form alliances to save the world and lead your team to the fight against Midnight Suns Earth’s last line of defense.

You can create your own version of The Hunter with a variety of skills and characters that you can upgrade. Then you will decide how to send Lilith’s army back to The Underworld.

2K has released a new trailer for Summer Games Fest 2022. It features the Midnight Suns fighting Liliths army. Spider-Man is one of the other playable heroes that were recently unlocked and revealed. As the heroes meet against Lilith, so the Mother of Demons gathers her corrupted Fallen versions, Venom, Sabretooth and Scarlet Witch to form her own entourage!

Digital+ Edition

Marvels Midnight Suns will come in four editions: Standard Edition (Enhanced Edition), Digital+ Edition (Legendary Edition) and Digital+ Edition (Digital+ Edition).

  • The Standard Edition can be purchased on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam or Epic Games Store for 58.99 dollars. This includes the game that we play.
  • S. The Enhanced Edition will include a next-gen optimized game version for next-gen consoles, and five premium cosmetic skins.
  • S, Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. 11 premium brand cosmetic brushes are available for purchase. S SKUs include a next-gen optimized version of the game for next-gen consoles.
  • The Legendary Edition retails for nine9.99 USD on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One. You can purchase 23 premium cosmetics and get the post-launch Marvel Midnight Suns Season Pass*.

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