McDonald’s Celebrates Cloud Strife’s Birthday on Social Media

August 11 is the birthday of Final Fantasy 7’s main character, Cloud Strife, and fast food chain McDonald’s is invited to join the celebrations.

Final Fantasy 7 created a popular buzz in June when they held an announcement at the Final Fantasy 7 25th anniversary presentation. The stream was live and packed with announcements about forthcoming releases ranging that ranged from the Crisis Core Reunion Remaster to be released later in the year. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in the coming year. The discussion that followed the event has quieted somewhat for the moment the fans are still able to enjoy the release of FF7 on August 11, which is cloud strife’s birthday. But, few gamers were expecting McDonald’s to be doing the same.

The exact date that Cloud the main character of Final Fantasy 7 was born is a subject of discussion among gamers. In the manual in a few versions which came with the original game, Cloud’s birthday was stated as being on the 19th of August. However, it appears that the F7 Ultimania books, which advertise as complete, encyclopedias of everything related to the game, along with the compilation of other books say that Cloud was born on the 11th of August. In the case of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the series seems to be taking September 11 as a hairy character’s birthday.

The officially-owned F7 Twitter tried to mark Cloud’s birthday by posting a cute picture of the character’s birthday greeting and a surprising response came from McDonald’s famous fast-food chain. The post includes a picture of a cake, which reads “Happy Birthday, Cloud,” and it’s not an official McDonald’s cake, and the response of the fast food chain is more random.

The tweet was not prompted, or unintentional. the tweet was, or because of it to it, people are embracing the tweet due to a variety of reasons. While some fans are laughing at the idea that McDonald’s celebrates Cloud’s birthday, other fans are discussing how the person running the account must be an additional Final Fantasy fan in order to pull this thing off.

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McDonald’s itself isn’t a gamer in the world of video. The company regularly works with Nintendo to announce new games like the latest Pokémon and Mario games that feature collaborative Happy Meal toys, but McDonald’s also makes use of an online video game to educate future McDonald’s employees which was specifically designed specifically for this purpose.

However, considering that McDonald’s is aiming to be a family-friendly restaurant, and has had a hard time working with other games that aren’t rated as E by the ESRB This makes it obvious it is clear that Final Fantasy 7 is somewhat away from the usual familiar territory. This is only adding to the fun factor of the article and makes it plausible as to why the fans are laughing while they wait for further information regarding the Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth’s release in the coming year.

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