Media: Miners bought video cards for 15 billion dollars in two years and a half

Media: Miners purchased video cards worth 15 billion dollars in just two months and one half and the miners funded the purchase over a single year and one-half.

A few of them are angry right at the moment.

Up to now, some have been depressed.

Ethereum is the most well-known cryptocurrency for mining experts, will change from the Proof of-Stake algorithm to the Proof-of-Stake algorithm in the near future. Once the switch is made into Ethereum mining, it’s not possible to gain. Incredibly According to Bloomberg it’s an industry of immense size.

The publication claims that just the prior year and a half, gamers made as much as $15 billion from video cards. They aren’t always huge enterprises. Even the simplest of people working in the mining industry could be employed as a retired Argentinan or foreigner.

And here’s a brand new story.

For certain miners using cryptocurrency, mining isn’t the ideal option. In recent times the value of cryptocurrency has plummeted dramatically, increasing the ROI on investment.

The newspaper reports the fact that Mike an engineer from Ontario who spent 3 hundred dollars on mining equipment. In the past period, Mike earned only about $5,000 from mining.

Here’s a different story.

In light of the imminent demise of Ethereum out of the Proof-of Work algorithm and the declining price of cryptocurrency, miners are beginning to sell their video cards in this manner to earn at least a few dollars. Others aren’t discouraged and are planning to mine other cryptos.

Ethereum is set to change to the Proof of Stake algorithm by the fall or summer of 2022. As per Toms Hardware, miners could buy about 10 % of video cards over the past two years.

It’s fascinating to know what’s transpired.

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