Meta lawyers investigate whether Sheryl Sandberg used company resources to personal gain

August 19, 2022

According to Wall Street Journal, Meta attorneys have begun an investigation into Sheryl Sandberg (COO). According to Wall Street Journal, the boss recently announced his retirement plans and allegedly misused company resources.


Source: Sheryl Sandberg

This investigation includes several years prior. Employees of the companies were involved in Mrs. Sandberg’s personal development. We are referring to the work of Facebook employees. The Lean In Foundation, which she started, focuses on women in the workforce. They also have their latest book, Option B. Another line of accusations is the alleged attempt of Facebook employees to hide information about Bobby Kotik (Bobby Kotick), the Activision Blizzard’s head, which was a close friend of Sandberg for nearly 50 years.

If the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) doesn’t disclose the violation of the securities and trade agreement, the social media giant could be in serious trouble. Sandberg could be charged for her time spent on personal projects if suspicion is confirmed.

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