Meteor Simulator Codes – Roblox – June 2022
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Meteor Simulator Codes – Roblox – June 2022

All valid Meteor Simulator codes in one updated list – Roblox Game By Modly Productions. Redeem these codes to get cash, gems and meteors as well as other in-game gifts.


Meteor Simulator codes – Complete List

Valid Codes

These codes can be used to get cash, gems and meteors, as well as other in-game goodies.


These are all valid and new codes

  • OMG6K – Code Reward > Cash (New)
  • 4KLikesOPP – Code Reward > Cash
  • 2KWow – Code Reward > Cash
  • Likes1K – Code Reward > 1.000 Cash
  • 500Likes – Code Reward > 1.000 Cash
  • 250Likes – Code Reward > 1.000 Cash
  • Code Reward > 1000 Cash

Roblox’s creators usually release new codes after a certain amount of likes. You can then return here to see if there have been any new codes added to the list.

Meteor Simulator Expired codes

These codes don’t work anymore

  • no codes

Meteor Simulator codes – How do I redeem?

These are the steps required to redeem codes


  1. Start Roblox Meteor Simulator from your device
  2. Click the blue checkmark button to the right of your screen
  3. Copy a code from this list
  4. Copy it into a text box
  5. To redeem your reward, click the Redeem button

This video shows you how Dan, the YouTuber Gaming Dan redeems these codes:

How do you play Meteor Simulator Roblox Game by Modly Productions

Meteor Simulator is open to you!

  • To get gems and cash, destroy objects!
  • You can upgrade your meteors with cash!
  • Your gems will make you a better pet!
  • Are you able to unlock all areas?
  • We are grateful for your participation!

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Meteor Simulator – Easy to use

To play Meteor Simulator , you must launch meteorites in various sizes and shapes to earn cash and gems . To upgrade your meteorites’ levels and get to the top, you will need as much cash as possible and as many gems as possible.

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