Metroid Prime 4 resurfaces with more job listings at Retro Studios

Metroid Prim 4 still has a lot of work ahead, as new job listings from Retro Studios reveal.

Retro Studios was the developer of the original Metroid Prime trilogy. It was given to Metroid Prime4 in January 2019, after it had been relaunched . A brief (opens in new tab ) was posted by the studio looking for a tool engineer and technology engineer to “join us on our journey towards developing Metroid Prime 4”.

It’s not surprising that Retro Studios’ job listings are standard, with little to no information about the project. Metroid Prime 4 has been kept secret because it is a videogame, but also a Nintendovideogame.

Nintendo announced in May 2021 that Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3 had not been released. Bayonetta 3 received its gameplay trailer, a 2022 release date and Nintendo secured a 2022 launch for Breath of Wild 2 at the E3 2021. According to recent reports, Breath Of The Wild 2 is still scheduled for a launch in 2022. This could be around November. Metroid Prime 4 is still in full swing.

Its trailer was in a very poor state, indicating that Metroid Prime 4 was already announced early in its development. This was even before it was rebooted. It’s not clear what timeline it is looking at right now but it can be assumed it will be a few years in the future. Metroid Dread can be replayed in the meantime.

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