Microsoft Flight Simulator reveals Helicopters, Gliders and more in New Trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator released a new trailer for an enormous free update that is due in November 2022.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has recently released a brand new trailer for the upcoming 40th Anniversary Edition which includes the most sought-after features from years. The update is free for owners as well as Xbox Game Pass subscribers and will be available on November 11, 2022.

You can check out the entire trailer, which showcases gameplay footage from all of the vehicles at Xbox’s channel on YouTube:

Alongside the brand new Trailer for the 40th Edition update, Microsoft Flight Simulator also introduced its debut city Update today. The update included five brand new German cities that including Koelnmesse in Cologne which happens to be the venue for Gamescom and will surely be a hugely popular event at the moment.

The fans of the series that has been running for so long aren’t able to take to the skies in Helicopters or Gliders from 2006 onwards, in spite of many requests to see their huge return.

The attraction to Flight Simulator is that the appeal of the Flight Simulator series is its realism which is why operating entirely different vehicles will provide more variety than conventional aircraft, no matter how the aircraft is old-fashioned or unusual. It will also provide an opportunity for the latest gaming technology to show how these machines operate as well as the equipment itself is placed front and center on the vehicle, showing the mechanism of engines and the cockpits.

The game is massive in terms of storage capacity, backed by stunning graphics, and it’s also expensive to play. Therefore, it’s difficult to find new players. But, there was an update called the World Update a few months ago. The most important thing is that the massive popularity of Top Gun: Maverick offered the Flight Simulator chance to offer a free add-on crossover to the film in May 2022.

The forthcoming 40th Anniversary update will become a massive hit that will add new airports, more than more than a dozen new aircraft, and even missions from earlier installments in the series. One of the most powerful automobiles (literally) to be included in the update is the well-known “Hercules”, as seen in Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator.

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