Microsoft promises collaborative approach with unions in an official blog post

Microsoft’s attempt to purchase all Activision Blizzard has created uncertainty among workers. It is not clear what will happen to the recent progress in unionization and whether Microsoft will be open to working with organized game developers. He suggested in a blog post that Microsoft should support unions and not prevent workers from organizing their businesses.

Blog made bold claims, stating that Microsoft had an open-door policy for leadership and that employees could choose to form any type of organization. The blog states that Microsoft is open to working with unions, and has provided a specific proposal for unionization to employees. This will not hinder employees’ ability to organize.

We are committed to respecting the human rights of all people and will not compromise the interests of our employees or other stakeholders. Microsoft has many partners in Europe and worldwide to help you join a union. Microsoft’s success and leadership will depend on our ability to adapt to changing environments in the long-awaited future.

These statements are directly related to ActiBlizz’s actions. The studio attempted to form a union of Raven Software QA workers, but this effort was ultimately unsuccessful.

This blog post is still a lengthy, well-written series that promises. Workers won’t want those words to become a reality. According to the statement by CBC workers of America this announcement was positive and unique among major tech companies. It was however agreed upon by the executive director who discussed the idea of incorporating these principles into Microsoft’s daily operations.

The former employees believe there is a little optimism. However, unionized workers are concerned about what will happen if Microsoft takes over the developer.

Source: Microsoft Blog, Kotaku.

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