Minecraft makes lightyear DLC

The Lightyear film, which was created by Disney and Disney, is now available on Minecraft. The CD includes two missions that take players through the story of Lightyear. It also includes characters and vehicles that look similar to players who have seen the latest film. The brand new DLC is scheduled to be released to Minecraft: Bedrock, though it’s not available on every platform Bedrock is available on.

The Lightyear DLC is now out in Minecraft. According to the listing it will cost 1,340 Minecraft Coins and can be purchased at $19.99 If you don’t have Minecraft Coins currently and you need to add them to the account.

Alongside the trailer above the announcement page also shared the preview for the Minecraft DLC for gamers that provide a general outline of the content within the official announcement.

Minecraft DLC

After completing this CD players will be able to learn more about the origin story of Buzz and explore the planet of the aliens after the crash. It could have been so simple to access a download manual.” The character has five missionsto complete, including the gruelling jungle, swamps, mines, as well as several alien settlements. Each mission requires you have to navigate the terrain, and battle foes as well as bosses with a variety of devices. Between missions, you’ll be able to fly various aircrafts and go to an object on your own.

Alongside that feature, Mojang stated that its new DLC Lightyear is also available with the lightyear-themed Character Creator item that players can discover inside their account.

Even though the Lightyear DLC is available only within the Bedrock-Edition of Minecraft It’s not made available for the Nintendo Switch. Mojang blamed this issue “to recent battle with Emperor Zurg” however, there was no explanation for the absence of the DLC was given. In the article, it was a mention that Lightyear DLC might be coming on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch. It appears it is will be able to receive his lightyear crossover in the near future.

If you’re unsure about the new film about lightyear review, check out our review here to find out whether it is worth your time.

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