Minecraft reveals Lightyear collaboration DLC available now

New content such as Buzzs story is available to download via the Minecraft game that is based off The animated Pixar movie Lightyear. Minecraft posted a blog post titled The Lightyear DLC as an intergalactic assault, which will include five missions. In these missions , players battle enemies with various weapons as well as survive hostile environments. They also fly various aircrafts to get around obstacles.

The Lightyear dLC will be required to follow the tale of the man who invented Buzz and assist him in navigating the planet of an alien as per a portion of this article. You can take on Five missions in the hero mode an Academy training course, which includes an unfriendly swamps, jungles, mines, among other settlements of aliens.

The Lightyear DLC will include a no-cost Character Creator item. This is currently not offered on Nintendo Switch, but in the blog post, it was revealed that it’s due to the upcoming release of the console. Anyone who owns the other versions of Minecraft can download it no cost on their consoles using CD.

The film is getting better than its predecessor and stars Chris Evans, John and Bill Hader.

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