Minecraft Squid Game tournament almost broke an entire country’s internet

An Squid-Game inspired Minecraft tournament was hit by a cyberattack which caused a lot of individuals in Andorra with issues with their internet.

According to IGN(opens in a New tab), last weekend an important Minecraft event an inspiration from the gruesome games of Squid Game was targeted by cyberattacks. It was a DDoS attack was launched to try and overwhelm Andorra’s Internet service with an abrupt surge of traffic, and led to the demise from Team Andorra from the Squid Craft Games.

The account that reported the downtime, NetBlocks(opens in a new browser) – a Twitter account that tracks disruptions to networks and shut downs around the world and reported that: “Internet disruption registered on #Andorra Telecom on Saturday evening; the incident is attributed by the state telco to a DDoS attack targeting the high-stakes #SquidCraftGames Minecraft Twitch competition, resulting in the elimination of Team Andorra.”

The tiny nation that is located within France and Spain is home to an estimated 77,000 inhabitants, which means it shouldn’t be too difficult to overtake Andorra’s networks. Much like the Netflix show that the tournament was based upon the show, it seems that not everyone was willing to be fairly in the set of survival games, too. The report says that 150 players participated in the tournament, including streamers with a high profile.

If you’re shocked at the thought that Minecraft players were hosting Squid Games-themed events and you’re not the only one – since the series premiered in the US on Netflix on September 20, 2021,, there’s been a plethora of Squid Game themed events taking place in a variety of games, including GTA 5 which was flooded with Squid Game clones in its community servers, and the Squid Game mod in CS:GO and Squid Game scene recreations in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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