Model fighters from the first time the war was sold for two hundred dollars

It doesn’t matter how well it flies, it might not work but it will stay.

It doesn’t matter if you can fly, or if the space isn’t.

Prop Store Auction sold the Star Wars Trilogy original trilogy. The X-Wing fighter model used for spacecraft was perhaps the most valuable item.

The model was valued at 2.5 million US dollars and sold for 2.5 million USD. This is mainly due to their rarity. Most of these pyrotechnics were destroyed in the filming of Death Star Raid.

The models are in excellent condition. One is slightly bent, but the paint isn’t peeling off. Although the model does have a small hole, it was necessary to hang on to the cables while filming.

The exact dimensions of this model are not known. It’s too small to be used in combat.

That’s interesting.

Microsoft will gradually leave Russia.

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