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Modern Warfare 2: How to kill enemies with the Inflatable Decoy

Modern Warfare 2: How to kill enemies with the Inflatable Decoy

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is now in the Open Beta stage and has received some new and innovative features made by Infinity Ward. One of these Field Upgrades can be described as an Inflatable Decoy. The deployable and throwable devices have been able to strike enemies because they’ve got hitboxes.

A player was able to take down an opponent using an inflatable decoy Field Enhancement. The decoy appears to harm opponents and ensure the full kill for them on their own.

An Inflatable Decoy can be used effectively in increasing kills Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is currently in an Open Beta phase for PlayStation 4 and 5. The game is accessible to players who pre-ordered it and were issued access codes for the game on September 16.

It seems that the Call of Duty community always comes up with new and innovative ways to take players to the grave. The players would rather throw a grenade five yards away, rather than aim their guns and shoot their opponents.

Modern Warfare 2 has once provided players with a fun toy that they can play around with. It was released as an upgrade for the Field. The Inflatable Decoy is a Defensive Archetype. It’s activated through proximity. It can also be manually inflated.

A user on Twitter @itsHunterTV was the first user to upload footage of him making an elusive kill with an Inflatable Decoy.

The players will need to get players with the Inflatable Decoy as their Field upgrade. Players will then need to wait for the right enemy to attack their team or chase them into an area, preferring.


It is vital to keep in mind that players have to use the Inflatable Decoy straight into an area where the opponent is on the top.

If the opponent is not aware of the device hidden beneath the feet of their opponent, then it’s going to begin to deploy, but it will take a while and instantly kill them it’s explosive ballooning.

It is also possible to manually inflate the decoy using the Field Upgrade command again after deployment to speed up the activation of the device.

The players who were killed in this manner will probably not be content with the account that tells the exact events that occurred. The instant destruction caused by the Inflatable Decoy which is nothing other than a Combatant-shaped Kevlar Balloon will raise some questions among players.

Activision has set these Beta periods precisely to ensure that gamers can spot exploits testers and developers might have missed. Activision might rethink its Field Upgrade in hopes of getting rid of its use in lobby rooms.

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 will feature identical weapons and equipment as well as Field upgrades. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds, with these new stunts that are already being reported online is a delight. Fans are eager to see the brand new world of new Call of Duty titles