Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 2 releasing at the end of September, adds Flaming Espinas

Capcom has revealed when we can anticipate their coming Title Release to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

According to the latest trailer of the game, anticipate Title Update 2 to drop in the middle of September.

The company also announced some of the creatures to be added in the new game: Flaming Espinas. It also it was noted that they will be bringing in a number of rare species and monsters powered up as part of the update.

Additional information was promised prior to the date of Title Update 2.

This most current update of content to the game included the game Forlorn Arena Anomaly Investigations, Lucent Nargacuga, Seething Bazelgeuse, and more.

Today there was a hotfix released that fixed a few issues in Anomaly and armor Investigations. Also, it applied changes to anti-aliasing and DLSS and squashed bugs.

In the next year in year, anticipate Title Update 3 to drop in the winter months, and it will introduce additional Special Species monsters and more powered-up monsters. Capcom stated that further updates will be by 2023.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has sold more than four million copies from the day it was released on the game on June 30, 2013, for PC as well as Switch.


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