Moral Anxiety Studio and Assemble Entertainment announce September 8 release date for Roadwarden

Roadwarden is an RPG with a lot of stories which will launch on PC through Steam along with Windows PC, Mac, and Linux support starting on September 8!


Roadwarden is an illustrated text-based RPG that combines RPG, Visual Novel, and adventure game mechanics in order to deliver an engaging story. It is developed by Moral Anxiety Studio and Assemble Entertainment, Roadwarden is launching on PC through Steam and will be available on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux support starting on September 8th, 2022.

The official trailer for the announcement of release dates shows details about the date of release, pixelated images as well as the general plot, which we’ve detailed in the following.

In Roadwarden you’re a Roadwarden one willing to put their lives in danger to make a difference in a dark, dreamy world. In contrast to the majority of people who are averse to the challenge of traveling through the wilderness regions of the globe. As you do you take on a variety of tasks like protecting travelers as well as connecting villages that are remote and assisting merchants, such as an impressive merchant guild looking for your assistance.

You’ll need to explore a spooky peninsula upon their request and gather as much information as you can to uncover the secrets of the region. It’s not easy because you’ll have to make many choices and decide who you’d like to be.

The main features of this game are:

  • Explore and transform the world: Discover the secrets of the past, confront challenges, and thrive in a hostile world
  • Develop: build your own beliefs, background capabilities, personality, and background to determine your future.
  • Classic game: Choose to be an explorer, mage, or scholar. Establish your character’s character’s character. They affect how you interact with NPCs Some of them provide quests and offer their confidence and trust.

Alongside the release date of the September 8 announcement, In addition, there is a brand new demo version that plays The game is made available via Steam. The demo is a fantastic chance to try a little of the game and gain an understanding of the graphically pixelated and rich story elements that are often found in adventure and visual novel games prior to the release date.

Moral Anxiety Studio and Assemble Entertainment are best known for their contemporary Leisure Suit Larry series as well as the multi-award-winning Endzone The Endzone – A World Apart. They have released their most popular release, XEL which is a 3D Sci-Fi adventure.

Discover secrets and help make a difference in the dark fantasy world of Roadwarden which will be available for PC on September 8th, 2022. Check out our latest News section to find more amazing information!

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