Moto Tab G62 tablet with 2K screen and LTE support is coming soon

According to network sources, Motorola plans to launch a mid-range tablet named Moto Tab G62. The Google Play Console has nothing.

Copyright: Google Play Console.

The novelty will be equipped with a 2K LCD display that has a resolution of 2000-1200 pixels and a density of 240 DPI per inch. The diagonal screen size is approximately 9 x 7.

Two new computers are being prepared, one with code for two and the other with XT2261-1 or XT2261-2. The first one will only support WiFi wireless communications while the second will support LTE/4G cellular networks.


Source: Qualcomm

You can also use these computers to bring other processors. The XT2261-1 model will feature a Snapdragon 678 chip. It combines eight cores of computing with a clock speed up to 2.2 GHz, and a GPU accelerator for Adreno 612. The XT2261-2 variant will get a Snapdragon 665 processor at a frequency up to 2 GHz, and a high-end Adreno 610 graphics accelerator.

The RAM on the new models is 4GB. Android 12 is available out of the box. A new announcement is expected shortly.

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