Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Artifact Locations
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Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Artifact Locations

Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden Artifact Locations. Also Seed of Evil DLC location. – Locate them all and trade for artifact skills


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Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden Artifact Locations Guide

These are the locations of all artifacts:

  • BoomBox Artifact Location East Outpost, near the cottage and bonfire
  • Far Seeer Artifact Location – Hammon’s Cabin, located on the farm in front of cottage
  • Hipster Fruit Tester Artifact: Fallen Angel Location, in the forest next to one the main roads
  • Power brick Artifact Location. To reach the Sea Titans Location, you must first get to the large ship at the other end of the map. Then you need to interact with the battery located in the engine compartment of your yellow car.
  • Defibrillator Location: House of Bones, in the main building that you will meet Skoog’s enemies
  • ColdBox Artifact: Izza and Fala Location, on the hood the car wreck, near the building that was guarded and protected by a Shaman, and a Tank
  • Melting Instrument Artifact: Scraplands Location, in a wrecked car workshop where enemies were commanded to by Deadfinger
  • Lux Lights Artifact Place: Lux’s side quest, the Castle of Light Location, after defeating the enemies in the main camp area, get the Lux Sanction Key, then give it to Lux. Open the door to get the artifact, which is located in the room with slaves.
  • El Generator Location: Lair of the Horned Devil, located in the central camp, near the largest building
  • Grogg Milker Location: Grogg Den, located inside the large barn at the farm
  • Holy Book of Fixing Artifacts Location: The World Ender location is the main room of a nuclear bunker
  • Kommode 64 artifact Location: The Forbidden city location, upper floor Roboshack shop

Seed of evil DLC Artifact Locations

These are the locations of all artifacts:

  • Hellraiser Grenade Location: Mausoleum Of Suburbia, located on the ground near one of the burned buildings.
  • Goddess of Hunger Location: Hall of Electric Coffins. This is located on the ground in one of the burned buildings
  • Luxus hand warmer Artifact: On the corner of the destroyed building, is the Frozen City.
  • Bluebottle Wand Artifact Locator : The Last Stand, within a building, near a heap of junk

Video Guide: Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden Artifact Locations

If you are unsure about any location, this Fitz Plays video will help you to find out.

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