Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Map
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Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Map

Mutant Years Zero Road to Eden Map: A map showing all locations, suggested levels for each location, and area descriptions


Map of Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden – HQ Map

Map of Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden. It includes all locations and the recommended level. Click the map to magnify it and view the full-resolution version.

Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Map – HQ Map

Areas and Descriptions

  • The Metal Bird – A path that winds between mountains and forests, but is somehow overlooked by the other Stalkers. Rumours abound that this could be the final resting place for a large-sized metal bird and home to a ghoul tribe.
  • East Outpost – Rot ghouls have settled in this cabin. Although this would not normally be a problem further out in Zone, it is too close to the Ark.
  • Ark Outskirts – In old man-made clearings, you will find strange remnants of what looks like ancient nature. This area extends into the forest as far as your eyes can see. This appears to be the Ark’s only entrance.
  • The Ark
  • Hammon’s Cabin is located just north of the Ark, on a steep rock face. It houses Hammon the stalker. The simple wooden cabin is not very appealing to the casual visitor. Hammon is always looking for the unexpected in this area.
  • The High Road – The entrance to something big is hidden in the deeper forest. On the mountainside, you can see campfires.
  • The Fallen Angel – After receiving a signal at low frequencies from various types of ancient crash sites, you discover that this could also be a great source for scrap and other valuables.
  • Cave of Fear
  • The Sea Titans
  • House of Bones
  • Izza, Fala: This ruined building is decorated with the weathered words Kebab & Falafel’. This was one of many such facilities in the area. They are now a mystery. However, Stalkers avoid them due to the strong Rot.
  • The Rot Warren – What appears to be a natural mound made of dirt is actually an ancient hideout. According to them, people used to hide underground because they were afraid of something. These doors are extremely heavy and large. It is possible that the ancients have moved on to something else.
  • The Horned Devil’s Lair: The forest hides many terrifying secrets. One of these is the tale Of the terrifying horned devil From the deep woods. It is believed to hide in the wooden barracks of the ancients. The Old People have warned anyone who might be tempted to enter his murky realms that they are not safe.
  • The Iron Serpent: Ancients used to travel on iron tracks that stretched in all directions. There are few carts left and the tracks are difficult to find because they are hidden under rubble and heavy vegetation.
  • Scraplands – Rumors say that there’s an old structure near the Ark where iron carts were stacked together for recycling. There is a good chance that there will be decent scrap. Unfortunately, it is possible to meet others who want it.
  • Metal Fields – A mysterious camp appears suddenly in the middle of nowhere along the iron tracks. This appears to have been the place where all the traveling carts gathered, and many of them still lie around on wheels like huge shacks. These carts were used to transport ancient people. They were merely a means to travel around …?
  • Cultlands
  • The Grogg Den
  • Spear of Heaven
  • The World Ender
  • The Castle of Light
  • The Unenlightened
  • Grave of the Ancients
  • The Forbidden city
  • The Sealed Gate
  • Eden


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