My Time at Sandrock Elsie Guide – Gifts & Romance

My time at Sandrock Elsie Guide: Gifts & Romance–Best Gifts, Birthdays, Locations and Perks, Relationship Levels and More


My Time at Sandrock Elsie Guide – Gifts

Gifts that add value, loved and liked gifts are the best.


Elsie’s treasured gifts

You can get +10 to +20 Elsie’s relationship points by giving your loved ones gifts.

  • Around the World in As Many Days as Possible
  • Cat House
  • Desert Defender Boots
  • Desert Defender Cape
  • Desert Defender Goggles
  • Desert Defender Pants
  • Desert Defender Shirt
  • Desert Defender Waist Bag
  • Golden Bull Head
  • Hat of Memories
  • Jewelled Egg
  • Journey to the East
  • Meowses II Statue
  • Pioneer
  • Retro Fan
  • Sand Eagle Statue
  • Shiny Scorpion
  • Shoes of Memories
  • Stegosaurus Skeleton Model
  • Suit of Memories (Bottom).
  • Suit of Memories (Top).

Elsie’s Favorite Gifts

You can get +5 to +9 Elsie’s relationship points by giving loved gifts

  • Blue Fireworks
  • Bran Bait
  • Chopped Pepper Fish Head
  • Desert Mudfish
  • Fine Rice Bait
  • Green Fireworks
  • HornedAdderKing
  • Hot and Sour Fish
  • Purple Fireworks
  • Red Fireworks
  • Royal Bait
  • Sandacuda
  • Sandfish
  • SandSnake
  • Sandworm
  • Scorpster
  • ScorpsterKing
  • Water
  • Yakmel Hat
  • Yellow Fireworks

Elsie’s Neutral Presents

You can get love gifts from +1 to 4 Elsie points

Elsie will accept any gifts that are not included in the guide.


Elsie’s Favorite Gifts

You can get from -1 to 4 Elsie relationship points by giving loved gifts

  • Amber Earrings
  • Bronze Scrap
  • Copper Scrap
  • Curling Iron
  • Four Leaf Clover Necklace
  • Golden Ear Bone Ring
  • Hair Drier
  • Orchid Earrings
  • Stone Scrap
  • Wood Scrap

Elsie’s Hated Presents

You will get 5 Elsie’s relationship points for loving gifts

  • Astronomical Telescope
  • Dregs
  • Food scraps
  • Lizard Tooth
  • Niter
  • Jeans for Old
  • Ruined Cloth
  • Ruined Glass
  • Ruined Paper
  • Unlabeled Medicine

My Time at Sandrock Elsie Guide – Romance

Romance allows players to date, and then marry any suitable marriage candidate, regardless if they are male or female. All characters cannot be romanced.


Elsie , a Sandrock native and one of the My Time at Sandrock marriage candidates, is . Cooper and Mabel are her parents. Elsie is an energetic and unpredictable young lady who is also a skilled horseback rider.

Elsie can be romanced or befriended. You can give gifts to Elsie until you improve the relationship.

  • Birthday Spring 14 (Give her gifts every day, but particularly on this date)
  • Elsie can be found at the Wandering Y Store. You can also find her at the Town Square
  • Perks 
    • Buddy: Elsie may send you gifts by mail from time to time

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