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Myth channel sniper details interesting ways to get used to the same VALORANT game

Myth, a popular Twitch streamer, confronted an avid stream-sniper of his who explained his elaborate setup for closing the streamers VALORANT lobbybies.

This is one of the most common problems that streamers have to deal with in any category or game. Sniping is when a viewer uses streamer broadcasts to locate their place in action, or in real-life. This is often used to harass streamers or gain tactical advantage over them.

Because of the large number of streams, streamers take many precautions to reduce the risk of stream snipers in games. Broadcast delay is used by many broadcasters, particularly those who are skilled in matchmaking, to hide their screens while they wait for games. Myth and his stream snipers showed me that this might not be enough.

The viewer admitted that he was a stream sniper. He explained that his friend had developed an API program which tracks where Myth begins waiting in VALORANT. The streamer and her coworkers were disappointed by the effectiveness, laughing that the streamer was at the table almost every game.


Myth stated that I was always curious about how he managed to catch the fucks fuck when I ran into the line, even though I had to leave earlier.

The stream sniper said he would be able share the truth about each game and the queue Myth entered. He also explained how the streamer had someone cheat his game. Myth admitted that he isn’t as skilled at controlling the speed of snipers so that he can queue with him.

Although she was unable to disable the program, the stream-sniper was forced into setting up Myth. However, the user’s VALORANT precept could still block him so that he would not be matched with him. It’s unclear if this would be permanent, even though the sniper wanted to play with Myth.

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