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NASA will create a group to study UFO cases. The military is prepared to help scientists

Unidentified flying objects were often captured by military aircraft that frequently caught the attention of pilots and air defense. Air defense and pilots always pay attention to the skies, which allows them to record not only common but also rare phenomena. The Pentagon’s latest report cannot identify a UFO. NASA scientists will perform the classification because the military does not have enough scientific evidence.

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According to the agency, a new NASA federal budget will allow for the formation of a group to study aerial phenomena (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena UAP/NVY). This is in addition to the term “uFO” which was used to refer to UFOs. The nine-month-long work plan of the group includes a budget of between ten and hundreds of thousands of dollars. NASA hopes that the investigation will be open since there are no secret documents from Pentagon. Although NASA does not allow these individuals access to all of the key facts, they might be able to obtain the information that they need.

NASA will test cases involving CO2 in order to ensure safety of flight. This is the direct charge of the agency. Apart from astronautics, the agency supervises all plane flights. Concerning the future, scientists believe there is no evidence that the UFO is of extraterrestrial origin. It’s very unlikely, however, that it will be. It can’t be taken as an absolute conclusion. There are always exceptions.


David Spergel, an astronaut from NASA Science Mission Directorate, will lead the study of NASA’s unidentified phenomena and objects. This group is committed to identifying the best ways to collect NVE data, and taking action on NVE data.

New York Times published this article about an unidentified aerial phenomenon that was discovered by a secret Pentagon unit in 2017. The military briefed the organization in June. Congress was contacted in May. We can conclude that there were more than 400 cases indecisions that are not known to the military, but that all know. This is despite the fact that these facts are true. The Pentagon has created a short classification of phenomena. NASA’s working group will pay attention to the fifth and final item in the class.

UFO incidents became more common in modern times due to geopolitical exacerbations. However, these cases were not uncommon in biblical times. These objects had a significant impact on intelligence and seniable counterintelligence. They led to the creation of strategic missile bases in 1950s, expansion of bases in 1970s and the construction of new bases in 1980s. This resulted in a fixation of some activities that were sometimes unexplainable. The new geopolitical crisis is in full swing. Preparations were made before this. He increases and expands UFO sightings despite the need to understand the ongoing phenomenon at a higher level, including in China.


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