NASCAR driver Armani Williams races to raise awareness of autism and inclusion

September 18, 2022

for NASCAR driver Armani Williams the cockpit of his racecar is his sanctuary.

“Being in a race car, it’s kind of like a comfort zone,” Armani stated.

“I just love being in it, just pushing it to the extreme.”

The 22-year-old is astonished by the expectations of his fans and is a proponent of inclusion by being one of the few racers of color in NASCAR and also one of the very first NASCAR drivers to discuss openly autism.

“I wanted to prove to everyone, you know, that autism can be a strength, not a weakness.”

Autism spectrum disorders are a category of neurodevelopmental disorders that impact the ability to communicate, learn and social abilities. Armani was diagnosed at the age of two years old. He like many children with autism spectrum disorders was not verbal during the early years of his life.

“He could say ‘Mom,’ he could say ‘Dad,'” said Dale Williams, Armani’s father, “but he didn’t say anything else.”


His parents were unaware of autism and were concerned about his future.

It is then that you start thinking about growth and development. Can he cycle? Can he attend college and be independent? Dale stated.

Alongside the difficulties with communication As well as autism, Armani’s condition was characterized by an over-focus on details and attention to detail, which was later to become the main factor in his performance as a professional driver. With the help of occupational and speech therapy, Armani started to gain confidence. His parents chose to enroll him in the course for two weeks at a nearby school to teach children with autism how to ride bikes.

“By the end of day one, Armani was able to ride the bike without any training support or any balance support,” Dale declared.

NASCAR driver Armani Williams races to raise awareness of autism and inclusion

Then they discovered that he was special.

“Those were the early signs Armani showed about how brave he was as a child.”

It was a trip to an amusement park in the area that revealed his love for four-wheeled vehicles.

“They liked to pull small cars, and after we drove around for the first time, I wanted to keep doing it a few times, over and over again,” Armani explained.

He began collecting matchbox cars and also watching the NASCAR racing series on television.

“I was amazed at how fast these cars were going; I had never seen such speed before,” Armani stated.

“It turns out that this is something I wanted to do.”

Armani was quick to pick up the mechanics of the gas tank as well as brake pedals and the steering wheel following his go-kart race school in Jackson Speedway. When he reached the age of eight years old, he was racing with go-karts in a competitive manner.


After that, he went to race in his Mini Cup, a half-size version of a professional automobile. In that time, he was a winner of 18 races and the championship title twice.

Autistic people may have sensory hypersensitivity as well as hypersensitivity. The extreme sensitivity of Armani to sound and touch proved to be a plus when racing.

“Every driver has focus, but because I’m autistic, I have laser-like focus; you have to be almost like a car,” Armani explained.

Armani’s sensitivity to touch and sound detects problems inside the car that other drivers might not even notice.

“It’s happening in a way that a lot of people probably haven’t seen before.”

“This is the kind of thing I use to make sure I’m helping give my crew detailed information so they can make the necessary adjustments they need to get the most out of the car,” the driver says.

It’s a bit odd to me, if I’m truthful, how he can keep his attention and maintain his nebulous vision of certain issues,” Dale said.

Armani participated on his first race in the ARCA Menards Truck Pro Series semi-pro league at age 16. He became the first black driver in the event in the entire series as well as a championship race in the year 2016.

The same year, he was also invited to the NASCAR Driver Diversity Program where the driver did enough well to be able to participate in the series of the Pinty’s in Canada in the following year. the first professional racer.

“It was like a completely different atmosphere,” Armani stated.

“I knew being a pro for the first time would require a lot of learning, but I went out to try and prove to everyone that I have what it takes to drive a race car and be really good.”

In 2021 He made his debut as a state driver with 2021 in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series which is the third highest class in the sport with a 21st place finish.

As Armani became more mature and grew older, it didn’t take too long for him to understand the potential of his position.

He has always been inspired by drivers such as NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmy Johnson and his efforts to promote causes that which he is passionate about.

Armani stated, “Everything about his personality, what he did on the track, the talent, the things he did off the track as much as he helped me in the community really inspired me to be more like him.”

Armani is now shifting his gears between student, driver and lawyer.

He is enrolled in the University of Auckland to study mechanical engineering, a field that he would like to apply after retirement to assist in the creation, designing, and build and test new racing automobiles.

“I was hoping to be a part of offering optimism and hope to those with autism in order to motivate individuals to keep going forward and realize that you can accomplish whatever you decide to.

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