Naughty Dog has confirmed The Last of Us Part 1’s accessibility features

Naughty Dog has detailed The Last of Us Part 1’s accessibility features.

After a leak earlier The studio has revealed how the coming Last of Us remake expands on the prize-winning accessibility features that were included in the sequel to 2020.

“We’re expecting this to be an accessible experience for blind players, for deaf players, for players with motor accessibility needs,” game director Matthew Gallant said in a PlayStation Blog blog post.

“The most important new feature we’ve got is the audio description of cinematics. We have partnered to Descriptive Video Works, a professional service with a background in television, films and video game trailers. We then added it to the cutscenes, as well as in all our languages that we have localized.

“Another idea that started out as an idea but turned out to be incredibly popular during playtesting, is an option that plays dialogue using the PS5 DualSense controller to provide tactile feedback. So, deaf people can feel how the words are delivered and can feel the intensity and the subtitles, to provide a feeling of how the dialogue is spoken.”

Gallant was previously involved in The Last of Us and Uncharted 4. before taking on the role of lead systems designer for The The Last of Us: Part II and co-designing the sequel’s inclusion in over sixty accessibility options.

A full list of Part 1’s accessibility features is included in the PlayStation Blog post.

Naughty Dog has also released the video below, which shows with how Capitol Building appears in Capitol Building appears in The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 and Part 1 for PS5.

The Last of Us Part I will be available for PS5 the 2nd of September The review embargo lifted by August 31, 8am PST at 4pm BST.

The game is developing to be released for PC, and while an official release date has been awaited however, a Naughty Dog worker has stated that it will be released “very shortly following” the PS5 version.


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